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Civil Engineering

The designing , construction and maintenance of structural components within the building is covered by our engineers. We also plan , supervise, decommissioning and detect any shortcomings or potential failures.

Electrical Work

We provide specialized construction work related to the design, installation and maintenance of electrical systems based on our client's facility requirements. No two facilities are the same and we cater to your specific needs.


Maintaining sanitary conditions with proper disposal requires precise planning of plumbing systems. We create and maintain systems of pipe, water tanks, and fittings to supply water across different applications of a facility.


Heating, ventilation and air conditioning is a critical part of any construction project. It includes heating, cooling and ventilation systems, etc . We design , install and maintain HVAC systems in buildings to ensure maximum efficiency of your facility.

Facility Management

AAH aims of providing comfort, quality, safety, sustainability by providing first-rate / premium facility management services. We provide planned and scheduled inspections to ensure maximum quality and to detect any facults.

Pest Control

We handle all types of pest infections and we deliver bespoke solution for your home. We have expertise in pest elimination from kitchen cockroaches to mice and all in between. We conduct an assessment of your property because we believe prevention is the best solution in avoiding other pest infections.


Our landscaping division provides full landscaping services from project design, outdoor & indoor services or even and irrigation system installation. We provide a complete analysis of the site and comes up with solutions to transform your outdoor areas into a heavenly garden.

Pool Cleaning

Our cleaning service department is also specialized on keeping commercial or private pools sanitized while using the best cleaning products and equipment.

Water Tank cleaning

We know the importance of sanitary cleaning and draining the water tank which is why, we have a clear procedure of draining and cleaning tanks in less than 4 hours.

Handyman Services

Our handyman services cover everything from changing a light bulb, to putting up shelves , fixing furniture or creating a customized solution for any challenge you find in your home. We take of time consuming chores so that you can enjoy your home stress free.


Cleaning services include wood and marble floors, carpets, upholstery , windows, furniture, home appliances ,toiletry and all areas inside and out side your home. We also provide residential community and private home cleaning.

Rennovation projects

We have the experience and expertise to make any dream come true. From complete house refurbishment, to installing new appliances or new furniture's, changing your colors of living room, or even adding a new room to your house, we are here to deliver the best cost effective solutions for your most premium need.

Alam Al Handasa is a building maintenance company based in Ajman, United Arab Emirates who want to provide schools and homes the experience of safety and comfort they truly deserve

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